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Why Motivational Gym Jewellery is important

Our Stainless Steel Jewelry: The Mission

No, your sole purpose in life is NOT "to be skinny". It's not "Fit & Healthy", either. Shocked? Read on... Your purpose is the ACT of improving yourself, WHILE loving yourself for whoever you're in that moment. That's what we are ALL about. We love fitness, and working out. However, if we miss a cross fit gym workout - that's cool. Your purpose should be Love. Love yourself, love others & be Kind. Beating yourself up for eating "too many calories" or "not eating enough" is no life, you're SO much more than that. 

If you've got goals, we wanna help inspire in achieving it because there is no better feeling than being fulfilled, progression with love for yourself and others. When you've got goals in your head & know what has to be done in achieving it - you can do whatever it takes. Some days, it's not that easy. What we all gotta' recognise is that on those days, we gotta push. What are we really after in life? What makes us happy? If you're sort of working towards something, but haven't understood or asked yourself these questions & may find yourself ambly passing through the steps. Then something changes... You come across some motivaitonal post on Instagram, or stumble on an inspiring YouTube video - whatever it is, something just clicks inside you. We have all had that feeling. You get up the next day with your new found vision in the forefront of your mind, SMASH the gym, or make one smoothie, or throw on your running shoes and commit on that jog. Or... DELETE that calorie tracker app you've got installed, that is destroying your happiness. Whatever it is - you take ACTION & it feels so good to take action.

Where is this going? Our aim is for our Motivational Pendant Necklaces and bodybuilding Bracelets to be that click in your mind, that initiates that vital step of ACTION within you. Each of our Body building Necklace or sports jewelry Bracelet items have been carefully selected by ambassadors & members of the Vow Strength team. We pick pieces that we would (and are) proud to wear. When you're struggling on that 7th rep of Dumbbell Curls, or Squats, gaze down at your wrist, see your 'Weakness Is A Choice' Charm bracelet or other bodybuilding competition jewelry. Perhaps you'll find that maybe with antique silver dumbbell pendants glowing in the light - you find that 'click' inside yourself to commit on your next set - you were SURE couldn't be achieved. It's all a mindset thing, and you can TOTALLY own it.

Do something great, and gift fitness accessories today! Why not take your new necklace bodybuilding, they are great for a competition or two! Our items make the perfect crossfit gift, too! 


The stainless steel jewelry necklace bodybuilding pieces you sell are amazing. I can look and think 'I can do this'. I can now bench 50kg which is more than my body weight and squat 55kg.

Geneva (@ge3va)

Alyssa and Vow Strength have helped me so much in my recovery. I've got a long way ahead, but i'm getting there. I'm reminded with the Strong Is Beautiful charm (: I love my necklace and dumbbell bracelet from Vow Strength.

Jess Wright

I love what you are doing! It's so amazing seeing people helping out those in the ED community with your pendant necklaces.

Lani, Owner of Lenez Photography Shop (Body Positive Shirts)


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BEAT Eating Disorder Charity Donation

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Dealing with Comparison

Our YouTube Channel - Fitness Tips & Advice, Gym Jewelry Product Reviews and Footage.

Our YouTube Channel features Bodybuilding Fitness Tips & Advice, fitness Jewelry Product Reviews and more.

Not only do we sell Bodybuilding Jewelry and Fitness Apparel - we also have our YouTube channel choc-a-bloc with gym advice and videos of the sports jewelry to look at our items. The videos can be found on some of the product pages such as the Strong Is Beautiful charm Necklace, plus the Popular Amelie Dumbbell Charm necklace. If you are interested in featuring on the channel, showing off your new necklace, bracelet, apparel or if you have some weightlifting bodybuilding advice or tips you want to share; please email us.

Buy your fitness & life motivation online

Did she say 'Buy Motivation Online'?!

Yes, yes - I did. It's what I did; it's what you can do. How did I buy motivation online, you say? Well - I bought myself some nice gym clothes, and I bought some fresh new music, plus some Motivating Bodybuilding Dumbbell Jewelry Necklaces, Earrings, Chokers, Bracelets as well as other Pieces. They say money can't buy everything, but it can buy you all this, PLUS a pair of High Waisted Seamless Leggings, I'd say that's pretty darn close!

The bodybuilding fitness clothing you choose can make or break a gym workout. Really, it can. How? I'll tell all... Imagine going into a gym, feeling self conscious that every time you squat - people can see your underwear through your leggings. This has happened to ALL of us. Well, maybe girls more than guys! But it is extremely awkward - it is a restriction of what you can do. This is why it is super important to make sure your leggings are squat-proof. This is a fitness buzzword that simply means - when you squat in these leggings - you can't see through them to underwear beneath! We have an awesome pair of Squat-proof Fitness Leggings here.

Next to consider is Sports Bras (click to view them all)! We've all been there... Pain! Anguish! When your sports bra doesn't fit right - you know it, girls! Sports Bras are very important for women, especially as we get older. Our Ligaments supporting our bust can strain when not supported during highly intense exercise such as running or cross fit. With added support of a Secure Shockproof Sports Bra, one can retain, even strengthen, ligaments for help in keeping them up in later life. Let's talk training shoes quick. Adidas NMD - we say no more...


Buy Workout Bodybuilding Apparel Online

Are you a gym tank top or a bodybuilding fitness t-shirt person? I guess it depends if it's shoulder day or not ;) oh, come on - we've all done it. When you save your sleeveless workout hoody for shoulder day so one can gaze at ones amazingly toned boulder shoulders. Don't deny it. Believe it or not, admiring your muscles can actually help them to grow. Intrigued? When one focuses in on ones muscles, they are focusing so much that they lift more - with even more precision plus good form. If you focus more on particular muscles, watch them grow quicker - it will get as you will simply be commanding it to do so. As if you needed another reason to check out those gains in the mirrors! You're welcome.

See our motivational necklace collection for inspiring but good value necklaces. We also have a Strong Is Beautiful Necklace that just so happens to be one of our jewelry bestsellers - so definitely a necklace to check out. For all the choker lovers out there, we've got a whole collection of Choker Necklaces - so head over there to find your next choker necklace. We have a necklace with gym charms for those who like to customise. For those that love choker necklaces with dumbbells - we've got just the necklace for you. Check out our Black Leather Tie Choker Necklace (click here) with Hanging Dumbbells - you won't be disappointed with this necklace! Check out all of our body building jewelry for an overall look at our whole collection.

Eating Disorder Recovery Stories

ED Recovery and Weightlifting | Geneva's Story (@ge3va)

ED Recovery and Weightlifting | Geneva's Story (@ge3va)

"I've had an eating disorder since I was 8 years old, which I never knew about my parents thought I was just a fussy eater as I only ate small por...
Anorexia Recovery | Rachel's Story (@lovemymiddle)

Anorexia Recovery | Rachel's Story (@lovemymiddle)

When I was twenty years old, I developed anorexia for the second time in my life. Anorexia Recovery Before and After I suffered in silence fo...
Undiagnosed Eating Disorder Recovery | Alyssa's Story (@alyssarush)

Undiagnosed Eating Disorder Recovery | Alyssa's Story (@alyssarush)

Growing up, I was always skinny. I had a terrible diet, but always stayed skinny. Underweight, even. As I grew older and into my early teens, na...

Fitness Advice: The Dumbbell

Why we LOVE: Dumbbell...

In Bodybuilding, when one lifts a Dumbbell Weight, it is natural. What we mean by that is, one's arms are moving in a natural way because arms are built for picking up objects. So when one compares this with a Barbell, for example, it's a little different. The variety in which a Dumbbell will bring into your workout, knows no bounds. There are so many different fitness exercises that can be performed. Ever noticed that, say, your right shoulder is bigger than your left shoulder? I know I have! It's because we have all got one more dominant side. For me, its my right. I brush my teeth with my right arm, pick up my phone with my right - heck, I even scratch my head with it! So, lifting a heavier (or completing higher reps) with my left arm helps alleviate this imbalance. Perfect!

If we consider our joints for a second, Dumbbell exercises incorporate more of natural movements as hands; elbows are not fixed in particular places. For example, a Dumbbell Row allows for more movement than a Barbell Row would. On some occasions, a gym goer experiences discomfort and/or pain while performing a barbell exercise, they can find resolve in using a Dumbbell or two instead. Another BIG plus of Dumbbells is that they can be lifted at home. They are easily transportable (as long as one can lift the weight!), they can fit into small spaces. Don't have time for the gym? You can do a quick at home workout with a Dumbbell or similar.

One of my favourite Dumbbell home workouts is one YouTube video below from Bodybuilding. There is, of course, the added safety of using a Dumbbell over a Barbell or similar. Think about it... if you're moving around - jumping up, down and squatting with Dumbbells, feel yourself struggling - it's simple: drop the Dumbbell beside you. With a Barbell, this is not as easy. One can get their back injured. So, for all the Dumbbell fitness fanatics, fit jewelry necklace lovers out there - see our ME vs. ME Leather Bodybuilding Bracelet or necklace with hanging Dumbbell jewelry Charm with Motivational Message - perfect for a bodybuilding competition.

Tips and Advice

Mental Fitness Benefits

Mental Fitness Benefits

Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health What is Mental Health? Mental health is generally defined as one’s social, emotional and psychological well-...
How Weightlifting helped to heal Domestic Violence Sufferer Kristi Casey

How Weightlifting helped to heal Domestic Violence Sufferer Kristi Casey

My experience with domestic violence started in high school when I lost my best friend to murder. Her ex-boyfriend had been physically abusive for...


How To: See the Best of Every Situation. Positivity Guide. Say you started a new career and were really struggling. Sometimes you may feel incre...

Gym Jewelry Product Spotlight

'I Choose Strength' Bracelet

A new addition in our collection, we know its going to be a game changer. There are times in our lives where easiest route is tempting; one can go back to what feels 'comfortable'. But truth is, people can't grow on that path. Once you're half way down, you'll realise - grass was greener on the difficult path. We don't know what is always going to happen in our lives be we have a choice on how we react to things, certain circumstances. Our aim for our jewelry has always been about helping our 'VS Warriors' achieve greater things. Inspiring, motivational pieces that inspire and motivate through the use of slogans such as 'I Choose Strength' on a silver charm pendant necklace - see it here.

We want people to look down at our rose gold (yes, that's right!) and antique silver bodybuilder jewelry every time they feel like giving up, or taking an easy route - or if they feel 'weak' at any point. We just want to say: You are not weak, you just FEEL weak... there is a world of difference. So, if you're ready to commit on your goals & dreams, choose Strength with us, grab your ready to lift gym shoes, Body building necklace, headphones and hit the iron!


More About Us...

Home of Dumbbell Jewelry and jewelry barbell bracelets for dedicated individuals. First of all, we are pro-fitness, believe in a healthy diet plus exercise through Weight Training. Check out our free fitness guides, advice here. It seems like we are constantly presented with unrealistic idea's of health. What we should look like, how we should act. However, It's up to individuals whether they decide, become their best self.

So, as a company, we thrive on helping people recover, feel great about their bodies. As a result, influence others - start a health movement while introducing Bodybuilding. We have a wide selection of items, are based in UK plus United States of America (USA). So, if you're a bodybuilder, finding your best self, about to compete in a bodybuilding competition, or just looking for inspiration - we have great jewelry for both Men and Women. Add our Bracelets, Necklaces with a fitness Charm to your next workout.

Most noteworthy, 10% of all profits from our Bodybuilding sports jewelry as well as Workout Jewelry go to BEAT- Eating Disorder Recovery charity. Therefore, If you're looking for inspiration, check out our Instagram - tag yourself with your Vow Strength Jewellery. Please note: we look through these for new Sponsorship opportunities. Alternatively, contact us regarding a sponsoring opportunity. Vow Strength started when our founder realised that gym jewelry & bracelets for fitness enthusiasts were limited, there was a need for high quality bracelets and necklaces for motivated individuals. Our Motivational items symbolise Strength in any quest we must face. Whether that be physical strength needed for peak performance, or mental strength in making it through any trials and tribulations.

We believe there is an unexplainable power that comes from our human soul, a power that can get someone to the other side, a feel of utter strength. So, choice is yours, make a vow that you've got strength to make it through. We believe in you. Here at Vow Strength, our aim is in empowering others with our Bodybuilding jewellery necklaces, bracelets - while enabling them achieve their goals.

Most of all, we aim for promotion of strength in all aspects of life. So, Contact us for advice, if you're in need of bodybuilding motivation for gym - simply don't know where to start. Vow Strength will be on hand, offering our advice; we will provide FREE meal plans, training plans plus life advice because we want to help one achieve their goals.

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