Accept Responsibility

Start accepting Responsibility for your actions, and start fresh today

Once you learn to accept responsibility for your actions, and certain occurrences, you can begin to build the life you desire. Let go of blame, and let go of this idea that you are entitled. Life will pay whatever price you ask of it. If you are constantly complaining about things happening to you, you will attract more of the same. Expect good things to happen, and they will. Therefore, expecting bad things to happen will eventually result in just that.

It's easy to try and blame something or someone else for your actions. It's quite human to feel like certain occurrences are not your fault, and feel the need to place the blame on someone else - to make yourself appear innocent. However, this is no good for your soul. When we blame, a part of us deep down inside knows the truth. As soon as you accept responsibility for your actions, you can begin to learn and your ability to adapt and improve increases.

For example; a girl realises she has made a mistake, and instantly panics about the impact of her error. She doesn't want to appear stupid, and she doesn't want to be confronted. She starts thinking of reasons why it wasn't her fault, and why people should pity her. Her excuses work, people feel sorry for her and let her of the hook. But what has she learned? That she can continue to make error's because she can avoid the consequences. If she had admitted to herself that it was her mistake, and she received the full consequences - there is less chance of her making the same or a similar mistake.