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Motivating Bodybuilding Necklaces (9 Variations)

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Choose from 9 Different Variations, each with a different motivational message. 

We our proud that our necklaces inspire gym lovers and go-getters, all over the globe. Join them now, and be part of the Vow Strength movement with our ME vs ME, Strong Is Beautiful, I CAN, You VS You, and I Choose Strength Necklaces!

  • Material: Metal
  • Metals Type: Silver Plated 
  • Motivational Message of Confidence
  • Gym Inspired Charm (ME vs ME, Strong Is Beautiful, I CAN, You VS You and I Choose Strength)

Each Gym necklace serves as a reminder to you that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

We live in a world where competition takes place over time. There is one particular competition that many people forget to partake in. That is the competition with yourself. You know all of that persons weaknesses, and know everything about that person.

Perhaps your friends are engineers, doctors and maybe you're a janitor. But that's ok, you were designed to play the yourself on this earth. No one else can do what you do. 

So, all one can do is be themselves, compete with yourself. Remember, you are guaranteed to be that winner. If you cant find happiness inside yourself you'll never find it in the outside world. You take yourself with you forever. Be happy in your own skin.

Each of our fitness necklaces come with either a Dumbbell charm, Weightlifting plate charm, Kettle Bell Charm or a Motivational message. Some of the options have all 4!

ME vs ME Multiple Charm Necklace - Kettle Bell Charm, Dumbbell Charm, 25lbs Weightlifting Plate Charm and a ME vs ME Motivational Message charm. All on a Silver Link Gym Inspired Necklace.

Strong Is Beautiful Multiple Charm Necklace - Kettle Bell Charm, Dumbbell Charm, 25lbs Weightlifting Plate Charm and a Strong Is Beautiful Motivational Message charm. All on a Silver Link Inspiring Fitness Necklace.

I CAN Multiple Charm Necklace - Kettle Bell Charm, Dumbbell Charm, 25lbs Weightlifting Plate Charm and an I CAN Motivational Message charm. All on a Silver Link Gym Necklace.

I Choose Strength Charm Necklace - Dumbbell Charm and an I Choose Strength Motivational Message charm. Both on a Silver Link Fitness Necklace.

YOU vs YOU Charm Necklace - Dumbbell Charm and a YOU vs YOU Motivational Message charm. Both on a Silver Link Fitness Necklace.

ME vs ME Charm Necklace - Dumbbell Charm and a ME vs ME Motivational Message charm. Both on a Silver Link Motivational Necklace.

I CAN Charm Necklace - Dumbbell Charm and an I CAN Motivational Message charm. Both on a Silver Link Motivational Necklace.

Strong Is Beautiful Charm Necklace - Dumbbell Charm and a Strong Is Beautiful Motivational Message charm. Both on a Silver Link Gym Inspired Necklace.

Single Dumbbell Charm Necklace - Dumbbell Charm on a Silver Link Gym Necklace.

    Wear this Motivational Gym Necklace to Vow not to let weakness get the better of you!

    Weakness is a choice. You can choose to be strong, whatever situation. You're not alone -we all go through hard times. The key is to keep pushing, you're so much better than what you're believing. You have been through so much already, it means you can undoubtedly do it again. We believe in you, and it is your choice whether you want to believe in yourself and choose strength. 

    So, should women lift weights? The answer is YES.

    Why women should be weightlifting:

    If people want to lose weight, they need to weight lift. The more muscle you have in your body - the more calories that are burnt during the day.

    Worried about getting bulky? You should be so lucky! Women wont gain big enough muscles to get bulky even if they tried. Women cant get bulky due to lack of testosterone.

    To build muscle, you need to lift heavy and sweat. The more work your body does to work those muscles, the more calories burnt. You burn calories while repairing the muscles even after your workout.

    Lift heavy to get that Instagram booty, y'all!

    Lifting weights promote weight loss. Metabolic rate goes up to feed the newly added muscle, burning more calories throughout the day. 

    Bodybuilding also helps to shape the body. If you're a 'plum' shape, only doing cardio will simply make you a smaller 'plum'. Adding muscle to the right places will help shape out the body with a more fit appearance. 

    Other benefits of bodybuilding include increased mobility, and preventing muscle loss, fixing posture and and elevating back pain. We need to lift strong to look strong. LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS!

    Why buy fitness jewelry?

    Fitness jewelry has not been around for long, but since the rise of fitness on Instagram we are seeing a spike in interest. Working out is becoming more and more popular - how fantastic. Something healthy, that makes a difference in peoples lives - mentally and physically. We have been lucky enough to have our customers email in their stories of how weightlifting and bodybuilding has saved them from either the grips of depression, the clutch of an abusive partner and eating disorders among many other trouble times in their lives.

    We believe working out, and lifting weights truly is making the world a better place. Have you ever been so down, or upset and angry but you go and workout and you walk out of that gym with the best intentions, the widest, happiest smile and pure forgiveness and gratitude in your heart? That's what weight lifting does. It's not something vain, people don't JUST go and work out to "look good naked" (although, lifting weights does achieve this goal ;)) people work out as a form of Therapy. Sure, we want to look good but feeling good is definitely where it's at.

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