Bodybuilding Chokers and Necklaces for Fitness Bunnies!

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 Motivation is great, it pushes us through the last set when we are lifting weights. It gets us out of bed in the morning, and the progress we see in the mirror is one of the best feelings. 

Chokers are in right now, we wanted to mix that with some motivational pieces - the Gym Chokers were born!

However, we can't always find the motivation. When that happens, we rely on other people or objects to help us find it again. Vow Strength Motivational Gym Jewellery serves as a tool for us to power on, and motivate us.

You can wear the Chokers out and about, around the house or look incredible at the gym!

The Chokers are handmande, with care. Each Choker has a Charm selected and applied - they are totally bespoke for you guys!

Stay Strong!

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