VS Steel Bone Waist Trainer

VS Steel Bone Waist Trainer

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Steel Bone Waist Trainer

Burn off fat in all the right places, and achieve that hourglass figure while working out at the Gym. 

  • Material: Spandex,Cotton
  • Firm Control
  • Waterproof
  • Under-bust
  • 3 Row Hook-and-eye closures
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Pink and Natural
  • Size: XXS-6XL
  • Washing Instructions: Hand Wash in Cold Water & Hang Dry

If you've never worn a waist trainer before, please read the below.

First thing is, Waist Trainers are different to corsets. They are more bendable, pliable and more of a beginner type for the waist training technique.

Why do we waist train? The act of waist training purpose to tighten the core, in particular the abdomen area. It's simply the act of cinching the body to create a semi-permanent hourglass figure. That smaller waist, larger butt look! There a lots of pictures showing the before and after so remember to check them out.

Waist trainer sizing is very important, please review the image of our sizing on the left.

When you get your waist trainer, wear a thin tank top underneath. You dont want to have the direct contact with your skin all the time - the sweat can cause irritation.

So, how many hours should you wear it? At first, wear it for 2 hours. Second day 4 hours and work your way up to 8 hours - you will see dramatic results in the next few months. Go by how you feel, you can cary on doing just 2 hours if thats what you are most comfortable with.

There should not be any budging when you are wearing it. The trainer should be tight enough that you do not get any rolls when you sit down. If you see rolls, you have the wrong size or the boning's may be made with plastic rather than steel bones.

There should NOT be in any pain. You should feel good, with the trainer compressing your core and giving you a fantastic posture. Make sure you can breath properly. You should not sleep with the Waist Trainer. 

It is a great method to use for losing weight. We'll tell you why. Waist Trainers themselves don't promote fat loss but, what they do is they tighten your core so when you eat -you eat less. You get fuller a lot easier. If you are going to exercise that is a huge bonus.

You can exercise aerobically with the Waist Trainer. Aerobic exercise promotes fat loss (anything you can do while still talking such as swimming and walking). If you cannot talk while working out, that would be classed as anaerobically. Waist Trainers are great when performing Aerobic exercise. We don't recommend high intensity workouts while wearing a waist trainer.

Waist Training will enable you to lose weight in all the right places, and your body will form in to the perfect hourglass figure that you want.

See the best exercises for a smaller waist below, wearing your waist trainer can aid this: