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Gym Bracelets your thing? See our collection of Crossfit Bracelets, Fitness Bracelet and Strong Is Beautiful Motivational Message on a Gym Bracelet, any Bracelet you could ever imagine. We love offering Free Tips, Advice on Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation, plus Working Out - wherever we can. Keep reading...

Why is Motivational Jewelry, for instance a Gym Bracelet, so important in muscle progression while working out?

A Gym Bracelet could be the one thing that saves your workout. Wanna know why?

Every human being's got one limit in their mind, how much weight they can lift on that Dumbbell. Or how much their bicep curl max reaches. When we are missing a motivational friend, or workout buddy - simply looking down at our Dumbbell Fitness Bracelet, Barbell Bracelet or Fitness Bracelet can give some Fitness Fanatics one final push they are waiting on. All from some Bracelet? It's possible, we promise. We've felt it, our customers have felt it with either a bracelet, or another piece of jewelry from Vow Strength.

Bracelets been around for centuries. 7000 years, in fact. Bracelets were originally formulated from tree branches - don't know about you, but we're glad they are silvers, metals, pearls and golds now!

Bracelets are worn now as representation of who you are. Whether it's some festival wrist bracelet, or $10,000 for precious jewel Bracelets - fashion statement, personality & belief. Our Bracelets are more affordable than that.

Through many ages, Bracelets have been an important staple jewelry piece for women. Now, in current 21st century, Silver's wins most popular regarding material used in a bracelet, cuff or bangle. Just because it is high quality and good value. This preference for Silver over Yellow colored materials for bangles and bracelets extended on Silver materials such as grey steel in silver color and titanium.

That begs one question, why is a Bracelet called a Bracelet? If they have been around 7000 years, how did it's name really come about? It is actually from the Latin word 'brachiale'. Which translates as "belonging to the arm" - which in term became 'Bracel' from Old French language. This then because Bracelet as we now know it. So every time you think Bracelet - you'll remember where this name came from - you're welcome!

Each fitness bracelet has at least one Motivational Message, or Gym related fitness charm - like one Dumbbell, as an example. Some bracelets have both! Some even have multiple charms. All serve different purposes, of course. 

If you're one self-confessed Fitness and Bracelet Addict - check out our Gym Addict Bracelet - handmade featuring 1x weightlifting plate charm, and an infinity charm - all delicately intwined with handmade plaited leather.

 Gym Bracelet with DumbbellIf you're a Fitness loving Dude & you've ended up here - Welcome! We have something you will like...Check out our awesome Heavy Duty Titanium Gym Dumbbell Bracelet:

We also have an even weightier (48g if we're being exact) Bracelet for you, dudes. Find it here: our Stainless Steel Dumbbell Bracelet. If you lift + love gym life - more weight = better, eh!

 Silver Dumbbell Gym BraceletTough love more your thing? We have the perfect Gym Bracelet. Some people wear bracelets as gentle reminders, others where bracelets as tough reminders. If that's you then check out our TRAIN beyond pain Bracelet that will get your mindset in check, just below.

It features 1x Silver gym Dumbbell, Motivational Fitness Message & 1x Leather Rope bracelet. Finished with Celtic inspired engraving where rope-meets-metal, so to speak. We hope you love this bracelet as much as we do.

TRAIN beyond pain Gym Bracelet

We have many different workout bracelets, some with charms which adds personality to this jewelry.

You ended up at vow strength not by chance, there is at least one reason. Everything always happens for a reason. Are you lacking something this moment, or going through something difficult. Whether it's fitness related struggles in Gym, or personal struggles - we will do our best in helping. If our fitness bracelets can help you reignite your fire with in you, then we are happy. Our sole aim: for people to reach within, unleash the power, feel great - we know this can be achieved through daily reminders to stay strong. That can be through small motivational messages of encouragement on our fitness bracelets. 

In particular, we have our Kettle Bell Gym Bracelet. Kettle Bell training could be the best fitness solution out there. Kettle Bell training burns as many calories as running. People don't tend like running (if you do - wow, nice one!), so instead - use kettle bells to achieve more enjoyable training regimes. For weight loss, training with KB's might just be one perfect combination of cardio and strength training. All this while building fat burning muscle mass

Money will be saved! If one spends 20-80 bucks on 1x kettle bell, it could potentially last a lifetime. Although, an upgrade or increase in weight may be required. Think about it, how much do you currently pay to receive your fitness membership? What's an average one off cost, buying a Kettle Bell set?

Kettle Bells can also be used anywhere. If you've got room with enough space in terms of swinging kettle bells around - it's all good! Completely versatile, can be transported wherever, perhaps not on plane journey's...! A Gym Bracelet is all good for plane journey's though, so don't you forget it ;)

Kettle Bell Fitness Training takes minimal time, plus maximises fitness results. We are all busy: hobbies, passions, family, jobs. It's important we enjoy things that matter most. All that's needed: 10-20 minutes at 3 times per week. One can burn 20 calories per minute while swinging. 

KB's are easy in terms of teaching, therefore makes it easy learning. People of any age can workout with kettle bells. Simply great for whatever fitness goal you've got in mind.

The simplicity it provides when talking weight loss is astounding. If you're someone who tends make things overly complicated while working out, you'll most likely drop it, give up on fitness all together - feeling overwhelmed. Just swing that weight! We don't have to overwhelm ourselves with complexity. Just simple movements with epic results.

If you're finding weight loss or weight gain difficult, consider checking out our motivating Bracelet, the: Believe In Yourself Gym Bracelet, or better yet, the Never Give Up Bracelet which features a motivational message and a Silver Dumbbell Charm.

Keen on Kettle Bells and love Gym Bracelets? See our Silver Kettle Bell Charm Gym Bracelet Online here.

Fitness Lovers can also buy our Gym Barbell Bracelet online, from us here at Vow Strength. Choose from Silver,or our Leather Rope Bracelet featuring 1x Gym Barbell Charm that can be removed or added on our charm bracelet, depending on preference. 

Lifting with Barbells is fantastic when building up bicep muscles and aesthetics, when working out. Keeping your fitness consistent is super important, so try incorporating as many different movements as you can with the barbell.

Training with barbells are great as part of your conditioning program. Mostly in assisting with improving your overall strength. Before training, people tend to have injuries due to lower amounts of strength partnered with lacking fitness discipline, training with barbells helps strengthen muscles while building muscle mass for overall fitness. As gym-goers get older, as one tends to naturally lose muscle mass, so it's important. Bone density in women is improved, 40 years+, with lifting barbells which can help alleviate or avoid osteoporosis with correct strength training with barbells.

Runners will also find gym barbells an important method in training. It's great to be nimble and fast, but long term strength's required to keep muscles healthy and strong.

Why train with barbells over plate loaded machines? We prefer barbells as they can be used as a tool in performing compound lifts. Multiple muscle groups can be targeted, all in one go. Lets say, as an example, Squats target quads, glutes, back muscles. Deadlifts, standing overhead press and many more will target multiple vital muscles. It's not just time saving, it can also be considered one natural way when building muscles, as our ancestors would have done for fitness naturally - picking up heavy loads etc.

Another benefit when lifting gym barbells, workout fanatics will have great carry over from barbells to functional machines. When comparing Squatting with Leg Press machine exercises: Barbell lifters will increase strength on their Squat, this equals larger variations of strength improvement, than this lifter would get on just Leg Press.

Barbells are easy to load incrementally. For overhead presses, an athlete can load it up by adding 1kg to your lift each week. Over time athletes will gradually build up to heavier weights, just watch it increase.

There's stigma associate with lifting barbells, this happens when people who don't understand deadlifts view dumbbells or barbells as dangerous. Simply, one big misconception. As long as you are coached properly, it's fantastic in decreasing your risk regarding back injuries, as you build up those muscles.

Many people do not know how to train with barbells correctly. Such a great shame, these people are potentially missing out on vast arrays of strength building techniques, that could help with reaching specified goals. Get yourself one fantastic, proven coach who's trustworthy - do your research!

So, if you're a fan of the amazing Barbell, you'll love wearing our Fitness Bracelet... Check out Vow Strength Red Barbell Gym Bracelet with Glass Beads and a Dumbbell Charm here. 

More of a Dumbbell Guy/Gal? Read on, Maestro!

If you're looking to expand you exercise regime, the health benefits of weightlifting and resistance exercise are in abundance. More specifically, lifting the Gym Dumbbell. It's heart healthy, reduces the cholesterol in your body - all this could be from lifting a dumbbell and lifting more each week. The second benefit is you lower your risk of other diseases such as diabetes by a whopping 34%. A dumbbell or barbell can help to improve performance and reduce risks regarding joint pains and issues in later life. On say, Back Day, one can improve the strength and composition of your back when lifting a dumbbell with a proper form.

More muscle mass is associated with a longer lifespan. Exercise is associated with better sleep - no more medication. Sleep quality is improved, also. The trend is clear, lifting dumbbell and other weights is great. Get lifting, quick.

Your whole body metabolism is increased when lifting dumbbell and other weights. The more muscle you have to maintain, the more calories you require to keep them there.

Check out the best selling Dumbbell Charm Bracelet or our Newly released Dumbbell Charm Rope Bracelet.

New to Gym? No Problem. Here's our Guidebook on Working Out, if you're new in the wonderful land of Fitness.

So, when we say new to gym - I'm sure we've most likely all been present in a Gym before. Whether you've just stuck with cardio, perhaps afraid to lift weights in fear of "getting bulky"(this can't happen unless she takes male hormones, ladies!), or simply only dabbled with the weights room, it's super important that one enjoy's what they are doing.

This is for first timers who wanna venture into the weights section. Once your gym membership's set up, fresh new start. Here we go!

  • Step 1. So, few things that we believe should be done when starting your new fitness journey. There are many people in the gym that you can tell don't frequently attend... They'll get on one machine, looking at their phones, maybe do one set with a very low weight and move on to something else vaguely fitness-related. Make sure before you first set foot in the new gym, get your Fitness Plan. Make sure you're aware of exactly what's on your agenda, understand it. Be aware of how you perform certain exercises (make sure it's correctly) revise what weight you're going to start lifting first.

Have this plan on mobile (not on the internet, already saved as the signal can get iffy in gym's). You'll really want to have your plan ready before

  • Step 2 before arriving at said gym, get an outfit that is super comfortable. You'll want to have something that's supportive, not overly tight. Loose shirt, leggings that are not see-through (squat proof). Comfortable shoes (if just lifting, converse are great!). Make sure you are feeling confident. Here are our Best Gym Outfit Picks. Of course, we can't forget: 1x Gym Bracelet to achieve motivation. The thing is, we can all admit to not feeling quite up for working out until something motivates us. Subconsciously we have it within us - it just takes small motivational messages of encouragement to trigger that fire within. Why not do it in style with an awesome Dumbbell Fitness Bracelet like this one.
Jewelry, a hot topic in most gym's, should we be wearing bracelets while working out? It depends. It's important you ensure the material's safe with your skin while you sweat so no nickel. As long as you keep that in mind, find a Gym Bracelet that doesn't contain nickel, you are all good!
    • Step 3. So you've arrived, you might notice that it's male dominated. As long as the fitness plan's in view, and in focus, its all good. Some people are self conscious - don't let anything bother or make you feel less confident. Put in headphones, make sure they are comfortable. We also suggest if other people really distract you: wear Low Profile Fitness Hats - be left alone. It can help with focus, if worried about being irritated. Here's our Fitness Cap to stay low profile. Don't focus on what people are thinking, if workouts are 4-5 times per week, don't even worry about it. Things happen. One cannot feel this feeling forever! It will fade, as fitness becomes part of your life.

    More liftins = more confidence in yourself, simply Focus. Everyone's gymming with similar purposes. It doesn't matter, so don't focus on it... move on. Just do your thing!

    • Step 4. Next point: form check. Make sure your form's correct. Don't try increasing your weight if you see someone else lifting more. Get said exercise down, make sure you're feeling it. If following a fitness plan - make sure the tension is where it's supposed to be (feel your shoulders working when doing the Shoulder Press exercise with dumbbells on Shoulder Day). It should never hurt joints. Always get form down - stick with same splits each week, see progress, feel great.
    • Step 5. Before leaving, grab your phone, get your music playlist down already. Fill it with songs that are perhaps fitness related but most of all make you feel good, sexy, strong etc. The songs that are playing while working out, can make worlds of difference in mood while taking part in fitness! Spotify or Apple Music have some great workout playlists whether you like RNB or Pop - they've got some great ones.

    Go to the Gym on a mission - take action, lift those Barbells, check your Motivational Gym Bracelet, and smash those fitness goals!

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