Ballet Goddess Leggings (Multiple Colours)

Ballet Goddess Leggings (Multiple Colours)

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Vow Strength Ballet Style Leggings

  • Spandex, Polyester Mix
  • Full length
  • Stretchy Fabric
  • Multiple Colours

Ballet inspired, graceful design with delicate and stable stitching. These leggings are great for yoga, dancing and ballet

They are silky smooth and easy to move in. Its easy to move gracefully, whether you are in a yoga class, or a barre class.

Ballet from Italiana "balleto" or "little dance" which is a combination of choreographic display, it is a way of controlling your core with skill

It is a historical art form that requires copious amounts of skill.

Keeping ballet relevant to the world is very important. Ballet has not been this popular in the media since the 1980s.

There is no denying that Ballet is breathtakingly beautiful, but we don't see the vigorous amounts of effort it has taken these ballet dancers to reach this level.

Ballet truly is the definition of 'Strong Is Beautiful'.

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