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Strong Is Beautiful Silver Necklace

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Stay Strong and Know it's Beautiful with this Necklace

Every day you should be kind to yourself, and you should be reminding yourself of how amazing you really are. Our aim at Vow Strength is to help you with our Necklace Jewelry. It's why we are selling the Strong Is Beautiful Necklace. Comprised of Antique Silver Metal, a Silver Dumbbell Charm and a Kettlebell charm - all clasped by a Silver Link Necklace with Lobster Clasp. It is our Bestselling item, let alone Bestselling Necklace. 

Gorgeous Strength Silver Necklace with Silver Dumbbell and Kettlebell Charms.

Your level of strength signifies who you are as a person, what you have been through and overcome. It means fighting against average, and striving to be the person you were destined to be. With our Necklace - we want to remind you why you have strength, and bring out the best in you.

  • Necklace Made from Antique Silver
  • Motivational Message
  • Can be worn as a Choker, or a longer, adjustable Necklace
  • Features a Kettle Bell and Dumbbell Weight Charm
  • Super Motivating Necklace to wear while working out!

If you ever need help, or a push to achieve your best – our motivational Necklace can serve as that reminder to keep your strength. When it seems like there is nothing left in you, and you’ve got one set left, remember that you CAN. You DO have the strength within you. Therefore, belief is defined by you. Forget what you thought about you, limitations only exist in the mind.

Perhaps you’ve been caught up along the line, and need the motivation to get back on your feet. That's where our Strong Necklace comes in.

From time to time, we can get caught up in difficulties, what’s important is sometimes hard to define. So, look after yourself, and stay swole. A healthy body = a healthy mind. As a result, a healthy mind's also a healthy body. See our Eating Disorder Recovery Stories here.

Vow your Strength with this motivating and beautiful necklace. 

Beauty is defined by you. Therefore, what you perceive to be desirable is down to you. We believe Health is beautiful, and want everyone to realise that Power's incredible, you should never feel afraid to be tough and fearless.

You are your own motivator. Vow Strength Jewellery is in addition to the power you hold. While others are settling, you are not.

Most importantly, you’ll smash your goals to set new ones. It’s all down to you, but we want to help. Because when you succeed, we all do.

View our Beautifully Strong Necklace in the video below:

What does Strong - is- Beautiful really mean, and why have we made a necklace about it?

Well, sure - it's pretty self explanatory you're thinking. But, truth be told - the saying being tough and gorgeous has a different meaning for each and every one of us. For some, it means staying strong in a certain situation. For others, it's more physical. Strong Is So Beautiful can be used in a way to promote healthy strong bodies, as apposed to thin models on the runway. This popular movement is big on Instagram at the moment, with the slogan being used in over 1 million pictures. The pictures could be transformation pictures, where someone has gained weight and muscle after being underweight. Or it could simply be someone heading to workout more consistently to achieve a more strong physique. 

We love the Movement, it's why we love promoting our Motivational Necklace - so we can all feel Gorgeous and Powerful!

Lifting weights should not scare you. You won't get bulky - it's really hard for women to build muscle due to the low testosterone in our bodies! So grab those dumbbells, Vow Strength Necklace and LIFT HEAVY. Lifting as heavy as possible is the best way to build the body into a fat/calorie burning machine!

There's a time in everyones life, where they may doubt themselves. They may spot something they don't like either in their personalities or their appearance. The thing is, someones negative opinion of you really has got nothing to do with you. It's simply a reflection of their own insecurities. You are beautiful, and strong. All you have to do is choose to be. Commit to goals, surround yourself with positivity (such as notes, reminders on the iPhone, positive people, positive books and motivational messages on awesome jewellery like this necklace, for example).

If everyone liked the same things, our lives would be boring. It's great that every human being has different personality traits and features/appearances. It's what makes us unique, so we should all embrace our inner and outer beauty. Strength is certainly something to celebrate. The fact that you dedicate time to working out, and you make progress equals beautiful. The fact that you fight against the norm, is beautiful. Lifting Weights is becoming evermore popular. Women lifting weights used to be taboo, where it is simply now a sign of health and dedication. What a time to be alive!

Next time you start to feel you are not so beautiful in some way or another, remember that YOU ARE. We all are. In our different, unique and amazing ways. Strong Really Is Beautiful. Whatever the meaning of that may be in your mind, we want you to know that you're doing GREAT. Use this necklace as a reminder each day - and never forget how inspiring you are to others. You never know who you are inspiring from afar. Next time you feel your motivation dwindle - wear the necklace to remind yourself of who you are inspiring, and how you'll feel after a successful workout. Don't give up, and don't ever let anyone tell you Strength is no admirable aspect of a women - they are 100% mistaken on that.

Women are strong. Men are strong. When both the Woman and the Man are strong - both are an unstoppable team, not to be messed with. Make sure you are both empowering each other and appreciating that you will be strong for each other. It's not just a Necklace for women, it's for Men too. We have all sorts of Unisex Jewellery pieces.

The necklace, we hope, serves as a reminder to yourself that you are gorgeous as you are. The strength you have in daily life, working out, and in your motivation is amazing and definitely something to be proud of - and admired. Know that you are doing amazingly well, and everything is coming together. You strength can help you through anything, it's part of you.

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