Vow Strength Black Lace Dumbbell Choker

'Amelie' Black Choker Necklace With Gym Dumbbell

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Our Gym Choker/Workout Necklace, Handmade in the UK, has an aim to motivate a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Accessories for the Dedicated.

Gym Choker with Dumbbell Charm. 

Pictured – the Dumbbell Choker.
This Choker features a small Dumbbell Charm, made of Antique Silver. The threaded silk necklace is suitable for wear in the Gym, at home, or out and about.

Chokers have become a popular choice in fashion, and are very flattering worn on the neck. This season has become all about this gorgeous accessory.
Go for a dumbbell charm to motivate you, and show your pride to be strong! You are part of the FitFam!

You can find more pictures of our Gym Chokers here.

We have a few tips and bits of advice on finding motivation for the gym here.
Stay Strong!

  • 'Antique Silver' Dumbbell Charm
  • Black Lace/Acrylic Fabric Choker
  • Zinc Alloy Lobster Clasp for Ease of Use
  • One of a Kind Handmade Bodybuilding Choker UK
  • Chain length: 34.5cm + 5cm


Sometimes it's hard to push yourself into going to the gym. You don't feel like it, or you're a bit under the weather. Vow Strength Bodybuilding Jewelry and Necklace Chokers are a reminder to commit, and be Strong. Wear this necklace with pride, it looks gorgeous too!

Chokers are life - Stay Strong!

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