Ribbon Ballet Leggings

Ribbon Ballet Leggings

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Our Ribbon Ballet Style Leggings are feminine but practical leggings. Ballet inspired, to give you a sense of fluency and femininity. 

Strong is Beautiful!

  • Full Length
  • Ballet Inspired Ribbon
  • Feminine Design
  • Elastic Waist and Tight Fit

You may ask yourself why is ballet important...

In your daily life, people tend to sit in to their hips when your talking, or slump, which can cause injury. Once you advance in ballet you'll find you sit differently, you will be more aware of your body. You sit better, you stand better.

it is low impact. It's not like going to a hard cardio workout. It's fun and energetic - you make great friends while doing it. You are able to tone your muscle, and become leaner and longer.

You become very aware of your motion in general. How to stand, how to walk with grace and poise. The physics of it all translate to each other.

Ballet is great for your body and your mind. you'll find you can remember patterns, connections better. Even phone numbers!

Ballet is very much the foundation dance technique. Contemporary dances do a classical ballet class in the morning. It is very much the "bread and butter" technique that every dancer uses. Classical ballet is a great way to understand about your body from a very pure perspective.

People credit ballet for their discipline, posture and grace so there are merits and it is never too late for an older person to begin.

Your mood improves through ballet, you can mentally and physically rewind and you can focus what is happening in the now and on your technique. Physically the muscle tone and core strength are improved tenfold. The cardio of Jumping around and sweating is good for your heart health.

Flexibility is vastly improved through ballet, so if you have a hard time stretching after your workout, this will improve.

There is simply not denying the fact that Ballet is stunningly breathtaking to watch and be a part of, but all of the benefits above really make Ballet seem like the perfect addition to anyones health and fitness routine.

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