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'Sam' Barbell Bracelet

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Body Building fans Unite!
The Barbell Bracelet is here!

Show your strength with this Unisex leather Weightlifting Bracelet with a Hanging Weight. For wear to the Gym, Crossfit or about town.

Your biggest competition is YOU, therefore sometimes you'll need reminders to stay strong. Our range is designed to help and remind.

We know sometimes times can get tough, and everyone will need to be strong at some point. Remember, you CAN get through. You can power through that last set, the limitation that you cannot is simply in your head. Don't set limits, set expectations. Expect that you can make it, and you will find a way.

This product will motivate you in the gym and in life. See more Weightlifting Gym Bracelets here

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 Body Building fans Unite! The Barbell Bracelet is here!

The only person you should compete with is yourself. Fight to become stronger. Not for anyone else, but for you.


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