Black Bow Tie Up Choker with Pearls

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Women's Black Bow Wrap Choker necklace with 2 Pearl style accessories. 

  • Length: 172CM
  • Soft Black Suede Material
  • 2 Pearl Style Drop Pendants

This choker can be worn around the neck, the wrist or the ankle - just by simply wrapping around and tying up. 

The word Choker for the high up necklace originated in the 1920s. This type of tightly fitted necklace has been around since the beginning of fashion itself. Around the world, jewellery has been believe to provide spiritual protection from Harm. People wore jewellery for protective reasons, hence why they are worn around vulnerable places: the wrist, chest neck, head etc.

The ancient Egyptians wore jewellery to resemble their gods and wore colors made of gold. Celtic nobleman and women wore the gemstones of their ancestry for protection, also. The choker would provide protection for the neck in battle.

At some point, chokers became fashion, and over thousands of years the choker has been in and out of fashion, as seasons change.

One of the most iconic and inspiring chokers, was worn Anne Boleyn of Tudor Times, who wore a Rich in Pearl Monogram choker necklace! 

During the french revolution, people began wearing red ribbons around their neck. Later on, ballerina's were seen wearing Black Ribbons around their necks. 

One of the most famous chokers in history, in 1863 Princess Alexandra of Denmark. It unconfirmed but it is said Alexandra wore choker necklaces to hide a childhood scare from her neck. The people of England were looking for some new fashion inspiration at this time, so the choker of fashion thrived.

After a brief stint in the 40s, chokers didn't come back until the 60's: Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis among others.

In the 90s simple dark chokers were widely adopted as time went on. The Spice Girls, Britney, Christina Aguilera all wore the famous Tattoo choker. In the 00s Paris Hilton and many more.

In 2014, the Choker came back with vengeance. And, here we are :) What do you think of chokers?

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