Foam Roller

Foam Roller

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Stretching is important. Foam Rollers can help stretch out your muscles after a heavy workout, and keep DOMS to a minimum.

  • Choice of 3 Colours
  • Relief from DOMS
  • Great for Stretching out the Muscles after an intense workout

All the muscles in the body are connected by Fascia which surrounds the tissue, nerves and organs. Fascia can become unhealthy by overuse, injury by repetitive movement. Foam Rolling helps to keep Fascia healthy by circulating oxygenated blood through your body, to Enhance and Accelerate performance.

Foam rolling does not need to be complicated or elaborate. 1 minute is better than none. Focus on one area for 1 minute.

Our 3 Motions for quick results are:

  1. Rolling (roll back and forth)
  2. Spans (wave any tender areas)
  3. Stretching (increase blood flow)

Always start from the ground up: Calves, Quads, Glutes and onward.

The key to rolling is to breath deeply. This will encourage you to take your time.

We recommend rolling out 3-5 times a week. Rolling on a regular basis is key, even if you don't ache.

The more you roll, the less soreness you feel so just stick it out! Foam Rolling is not causing the pain, Foam Rolling is removing the pain. Happy Rolling!

Check out this essential Foam Roller session from Livestrong Women.


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