Gradient Yoga Pants

Gradient Yoga Pants

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 Gradient Yoga Pants. A flattering effect and a flattering fit!

  • Full Length
  • Tight, Stretchy Fit
  • Elastic Waist
  • Material: Cotton, Polyester and Spandex Mix

High performance leggings, the gradient design and print is unique and the high waist is confidence boosting. 

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While confidence with high waisted clothing is great, we believe that we should be proud of ourselves even without that control band.

Alright, lets talk about how to love yourself.

How do you be comfortable with who you are, as you are?

We are not perfect. Some of us are more perfect than others - but is that true? Are you thinking this now?

Is there something about your health, your physique or your behaviour and habits that you dislike. Perhaps about the circumstances in your life right now. The career or relationship you're in right now.

Its not always easy to like yourself. Sometimes it takes some work. REAL inner work. You can be happy with who you are, even if you have imperfections! Other people can be happy with you, with imperfections. Most people wont judge you like you judge yourself.

Other people will vibe with how you feel. What hurts is when you are unhappy with yourself, and you expect others to feel this way - you will then notice it even if its not really there. You end up manifesting it.

If you don't like yourself, then ask yourself the following question:

Do you just not like an ASPECT of yourself? Is it all of you, that you don't like? Or is it just an aspect?

If thats the case, realise how much you are focusing on it. Take that and zoom out, see yourself in your whole life, your history and what you've got ahead of you. Does this small imperfection seem significant? Because it's not. Say it is true, and that imperfection is there, you have a choice of what you focus on. This focus is consciously guided by you.

So if you're always hating on yourself, you are shining a magnifying glass on your imperfection and you stare at it all day. You've got two choices: you can change it, or if you cant change it - thats fine, you can learn to accept it. Stop looking at it, re-looking and re-looking. You've got to focus on other areas that are more important and positive. A few years down the road you will laugh. You will laugh that you even focused on it so much.

Love yourself unconditionally. No matter what you're thinking, who you are, you still think your the greatest person on earth. You are the most important thing to you. If you don't love you, you can't be resourceful or have a powerful life. negativity is contagious, and if you hold on to it - it can effect friendships and relationships.

Try this: go to your mirror look at yourself, straight in the eyes. Face to face in the mirror and tell yourself: "I love and accept you exactly as you are. I love you and accept you EXACTLY as you are." Say that to yourself 20 times and really believe it. You might not like how your face looks. You might notices a pimple, or a certain imperfection. That is exactly the moment that you say: "I love you and accept you exactly as you are." Despite that trait you still love yourself, because you are so much more than that.

It's unconventional, so it may seem strange to begin with, but stick with it. It will become more natural.

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