Silver Kettlebell Earrings

Kettlebell Earrings

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Kettlebell Earrings featuring Silver Charms.

Feminine while staying true in fitness Loving side with these Crossfit Earrings!

  • Stainless Steel Silver Metal on Kettlebell Earrings hook, Kettlebell Charms
  • Handmade Earrings
  • Kettlebell Charm on each Earring

Choose from 4 Different Colored Kettlebell Earrings: Black Gun, Champagne Gold, Gold, Silver Earrings.

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Earrings - a great way of showing off what you love, while feeling fabulous wearing our jewelry. The evolution in Earrings has come a long way, where in the beginning Earrings were used by ancient ancestors. It's nice to see how far Earrings have come, while also popular they have become. Stay upto date with our new Earrings range if you love working out, while wearing awesome jewelry.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Training in Fitness (scroll down for workout video)

There's no doubt that fitness improves our health, it helps us mentally, physically - while fulfilling the human need - Progress. Fitness saves lives, helps cure depression and now used a therapy tool for mental health issues. We love fitness for these reasons - we want to help you understand fitness more, while incorporating fitness into daily life & thrive. You will see the benefits of fitness with consistency, as time goes on.

So the first, most important benefit - kettlebell training develops the nervous system.

Coronation's improved which assists the brains ability to communicate. Blood will be pumping oxygen around vital organs while muscles are working while mind is focused.

Another benefit - one will learn to lift with ones legs, not with ones back - which will protect joints this way. As we build up muscle for supporting our joints, we set ourselves up for comfort in older age.

Balance will improve - we will be able to stand on one leg while moving with heavy kettlebell. This can be used in real world scenarios.

Flexibility, our muscles ability in relaxing - will be improved during the process training with one or two kettlebells.

One reason people are not able to lift their full potential can be because their opposing muscles are overworked & restricted with continuous fitness efforts. Allow movement with kettlebell training, you will notice big differences.

Posture - another thing that one kettlebell or two assist with. as you watch yourself lift with a kettlebell, you can focus on good posture. Over time, this will improve dramatically.

When you're lifting kettlebells, all focus is on lifting, swinging that kettlebell - focus is improved, our minds can relax while resting.

Building muscle with kettlebells can be very simple, it doesn't need to be complicated. There are simple, yet effective moves you can do - like kettlebell swing, for example.

When lifting kettlebells, we are using every single muscle in our bodies. It's high cardiovascular. Teaming up weight lifting with cardio is superb for toning, building muscle, losing fat. It replicates real world scenarios - It's a very natural movement for people.

Burn lots of calories lifting kettlebells. There are many different ways, combinations when lifting a kettlebell. This training's an art form, that improves with consistency.

One main reason the kettlebell is so useful - they are portable. We can all workout anywhere with a set of kettlebells.

Confidence will also thrive while lifting kettlebells.

Check out Fit sugar's video below for one great Kettlebell Workout we use.


So, if you love this Kettlebell workout every now and again, you will love these Earrings.

Inspired by an amazing workout tool, kettlebell, these earrings will be your reminder.

Earrings can be one way of showing others what your individual passions are, but earrings can also just be as decoration jewelry. The good thing is, our Kettlebell Earrings are both decorative - one cool way of showing passion for fitness.

Jewelry, a similar conversation. Why do we love jewelry? We did it come from? All good questions. Jewelry has been around for centuries. Jewelry has been known to fend off bad omens, or more simply accentuate different features on human beings. Fine jewelry is made from precious jewels - has been known for showing significance, plus wealth. While charm jewelry, novelty jewelry & more has been known to represent said persons personality with passions. 

There's no denying that wearing a jewelry piece makes us feel amazing, it totally does. It can add so much onto an outfit - but let's not also forget the confidence jewelry can bring! Accessories such as our Silver Kettlebell Earrings are becoming ever-popular because - the rise of fitness on Instagram and Online.

That's why we love finding amazing jewelry, Silver Earrings, Silver Bracelets, Silver Necklaces, silver fitness accessories for you guys. Jewelry that shows our passions for Fitness and motivates us. If you have an ideas after seeing these Fitness inspired Silver Kettlebell Earrings, please let us know by sending requests to and we'll see if we can find the fitness accessories you are after.

Please note: Our Kettlebell Earrings are too small & light for use as Kettlebells for training ;)

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