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'Emma' Strong Is Beautiful Necklace

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Strong Is Beautiful Gym Necklace

Your level of strength signifies who you are as a person, what you have been through and overcome. It means fighting against average, and striving to be the person you were destined to be. We want to remind you why you are strong, and bring out the best in you.

  • Made from Antique Silver
  • Strong Is Beautiful Motivational Message
  • Can be worn as a Choker, or a longer Necklace
  • Features a Kettle Bell and Barbell Charm
  • Super Motivating in the Gym!


If you ever need a help, or a push to achieve your best – the Strong Is Beautiful Necklace can serve as that reminder to be strong. When it seems like there is nothing left in you, and you’ve got one set left, remember that you CAN. You DO have the strength within you. Therefore, belief is defined by you. Forget what you thought about you, limitations only exist in the mind.
Perhaps you’ve been caught up along the line, and need the motivation to get back on your feet.

From time to time, we can get caught up in difficulties, what’s important is sometimes hard to define. So, look after yourself, and stay strong. A healthy body is a healthy mind. As a result, a healthy mind is also a healthy body. See our Eating Disorder Recovery Stories here.

Vow your Strength with this necklace.

Beauty is defined by you. Therefore, what you perceive to be beautiful is down to you. We believe Health is beautiful, and want everyone to realise that Strong is Beautiful, you should never feel afraid to be strong.

You are your own motivator. Vow Strength Jewellery is an addition to the power you hold. While others are settling, you are not.

Most importantly, you’ll smash your goals to set new ones. It’s all down to you, but we want to help. Because when you succeed, we all do.

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