'Abbie' Weakness Is A Choice Bracelet

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Weakness Is A Choice Bracelet

Our Weakness Is A Choice bracelet features 

  • A motivational Message Charm
  • A Gym Shoe Charm
  • Kettle Bell Crossfit Charm
  • A Dumbbell Charm
  • All in Antique Silver

Wear this bracelet to Vow you will not let weakness get the better of you!

Stay Strong!

Weakness is a choice. You can choose to be strong, whatever situation you are in. You aren't alone -we all go through hard times. The key is to keep pushing, you are so much better than you can believe. You have been through so much already, it means you can undoubtedly do it again. We believe in you, and it is your choice whether you want to believe in you and choose strength. 

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